August 17, 2022
  • August 17, 2022

My Xmas decor is always on point: Aahana Kumra

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The holiday season is upon us, and we spotted actor Aahana Kumra on the bustling streets of Bandra, Mumbai, during the Christmas week. Kumra, dressed in a white outfit, looked like a child in a candy store, exhilarated by the decor. “I haven’t done this in years,” Kumra says, revealing that her enthusiasm for the festival stems from her Christian nanny. “She was like my mother. She used to take me to church every Sunday. Also, when I moved to Mumbai, I was surrounded by the Catholic community. So, I’ve always been excited about Xmas,” explains the CallMy Agent: Bollywood actor.

As she skimmed through the dense Christmas trees, Kumra confessed that she is “very big on decorating” her house. “Everyone in my house is aware that the Christmas tree is put up several weeks before the holiday. My decorations are on point, and I’m obsessed with them,” she grins and adds that even though she hasn’t gone street shopping in a while, she isn’t new to it: “I have always loved street shopping, and I knew exactly how much a T-shirt would cost in which shop. My mother’s office was in Colaba. So, after college, my friends and I would go to Colaba to shop. For Xmas, we all knew we had to go to Bandra.”

Conservation comes to a halt when the actor, like the rest of us, is exasperated when a shopkeeper tells her the exorbitant price of a Christmas tree. “Okay, I’m bad at bargaining [now],” she laughs.

Kumra goes on to reveal that she will spend Christmas in Kashmir this year. But she doesn’t forget to mention that, despite her absence, she has decorated her house and tree for the holidays, and will be relishing a gorgeous plum cake. She shares, “I am spending Christmas in Gulmarg in the middle of the snow, skiing. Also, for the first time in my life, I spent Christmas Eve on a houseboat.”

When asked what she wants for Christmas, Kumra declares: “A sports film! I’ve been manifesting it for a long time, and I hope it transpires this year. Something that will change the game for me.”

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