June 29, 2022
  • June 29, 2022

Must own accessories for a food blogger

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Food is the most important and basic necessity of life. Food livens up the soul and pleases your stomach in numeral ways. If you are a true foodie and love to explore every cuisine, then you should pass on your food fever to others. Help others to indulge in the flavorful aromas, textures, tastes of the delicacies. Be it savory or confections every dish in the menu deserves your ratings. Time to get off the seat and kick start the food blogging journey. Here is what you need to master the art of food blogging.

1. Ensure that your BACKDROP doesn’t overshadow your dish

Backdrop in food photography is the most crucial element. Every dish should stand tall amidst the decorative stuff that you place beside it. The colours and flavours of the dish should be highlighted with ease and be the talk of the food photograph.

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2. Use a ROTATING TABLE for easing the photography angles of your dish

A rotating table helps in adjusting the angle of the food photography. Nevertheless, it will aid in shooting the perfect video of the dish. This video will make the viewers salivate and irresistible.

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3. Use earthy elements like WOODEN PLATTER to represent your dish

Your plate or bowl also plays an important role in the journey of food blogging. Every dish you prepare should be justified with the type of cutlery and crockery you use. These minute elements will enhance the picture composition of the photos.

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4. Capture the pictures in natural or artificial lights

Light and camera share an unbreakable bond. If there is not enough light your pictures might look drab. To add the required amount of light to your photos, choose a nook that is well lit. You can use a ring light to throw in and adjust the lighting environment while shooting or capturing the story of the food.

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5. Use a GIMBAL for stabilized pictures and videos

If your smartphone is the most important device of the blogging session, then use a gimbal for stabilized pictures and videos. The rotating moments of the food when placed on the rotating table can be captured beautifully with the help of gimbal. Gimbal is at your rescue to capture tons of unblurred, less-shaky and bold pictures.

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Add these essentials to your backpack and kicstart your food blogging journey NOW. Make sure you discover the undiscovered and explore the unexplored cuisines with no fuss. Recommend restaurants, food huts, snack corners to everyone with your pictures and vlogs STRAIGHT AWAY!

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