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Mira Rajput reacts to trolls commenting on her feet with sassy new post, fans call it ‘best clap back ever’

By on December 12, 2021 0 36 Views

Mira Rajput seemingly reacted to trolls commenting on her feet. The 27-year-old, who is married to Shahid Kapoor, shared a picture earlier this week with her son Zain.

In the picture, the three-year-old was seen hiding behind Mira Rajput as she posed against the sunset. While a few fans noticed Zain, many asked what happened to her feet and why her feet looked darker than the rest of her body.

Mira has now shared yet another picture of herself and penned a caption in reaction to the trolling. “I would like to thank my arms for always being by my side, my legs for always supporting me, and my fingers because I can always count on them. And of course my feet, for always keeping me grounded,” she wrote.

In the picture, Mira was seen wearing a short, printed outfit which she styled with a pair of silver heels. Fans praised her for her reaction. “Best reply ever,” a fan said. “Perfect answer,” another added. “Hahaha! Best clap back ever,” a third added.

Mira is currently holidaying with Shahid Kapoor and their kids – Misha and Zain – in Dubai. The couple has been sharing glimpses of their trip on social media in the last few days.

Prior to their trip, Shahid and Mira were in Punjab, where they’ve been staying for two years now. Mira, in a chat with Curly Tales, revealed that the family had travelled to Punjab shortly before the pandemic began, for a break but ended up spending the lockdown there.

“We moved just days before the lockdown happened. We kinda felt like maybe we should take off for a little while. I thought we were moving away for two weeks till things settle down. Now nobody knew that things would take two years to settle down. So we’ve been here (Amritsar) ever since. It’s been lovely because my parents are nearby and my in-laws have a home near so the kids are literally hopping and skipping from one home to another so it’s great,” she said.

However, they’ve visited Mumbai a few times to oversee the work of their new sea-view apartment.

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