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Matters of the mind: Let this Independence Day mark our pursuit for freedom

By on August 15, 2020 0 176 Views

Freedom means the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. It is something the country fought for, with blood and sweat, surviving mutinies and massacres — mind, body and soul focused and determined, claiming our freedom back from the British 74 years ago. It is hardly something the average liberated Indian can imagine, that there can be more than one kind of slavery.

Freedom is a fundamental right, a sine qua non for liberty and dignity

To be honest, I feel our struggle for freedom continues. Now, if you are jarred by my timing as I bring this up on the eve of Independence Day, I would like to say I believe this may actually be the best time to take note of our understanding of freedom.

While we rise up to salute our tricolour and bow our heads to honour those who sacrificed to free the country, and chant our national anthem with pride in our chests and moisture in our eyes, it is time to look within and recognise our continued slavery. That which we allow in our belief systems and attitudes.

From the 1800s, the press in India has been a chief instrument in carrying out education, spreading nationalist ideologies and patriotism, political propaganda and social reforms to arouse, mobilise and consolidate public interest and opinion. This Independence Day, I wish for us to strive for freedom, from self-created, erroneously reinforced, perceived untruths about life, love and society. Maybe the responsibility of this revolution too will fall on media, to be the mouthpiece of a cultural reform starting intrinsically with our mindset.

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