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Make Cooking Simpler With These Smart Kitchen Appliances

By on July 5, 2020 0 382 Views

Here are smart kitchen appliances from Flipkart that will make your cooking time easy and convenient

Almost everything these days has an element of “smart” in it – smartwatches, smartphones, smart homes, smart appliances, and so on. The convenience that comes with the integration of smart technology is something that we have knowingly, or subconsciously, come to expect in many aspects of our life. In the present scenario, cooking is the foremost of all of them. Smart kitchen appliances and devices take the tedium out of the cooking process, enhance the quality of the food, improve the kitchen environment and even update you in the progress. Who wouldn’t want that?

Flipkart, which is celebrating The Grand Kitchen season, is where you can get a range of appliances that will make your kitchen smarter and your cooking simpler.

Smart Kitchen Appliances You Will Love To Own

Here are six smart kitchen appliances from Flipkart for you to choose from:

1. Get the perfect Curd with this Samsung Curd Maestro

Samsung recently launched the world’s first refrigerator in which you can set curd just the way you want it. It is a double-door refrigerator with Curd Maestro technology that helps you whip up the tastiest homemade curd. You can add the curd to the storage kit, place in the fridge, and select the ‘soft’ or ‘thick’ control key. The curd is ready to be served when you choose the ‘serve’ option. This smart refrigerator will save you the extra work that goes in manually making curd.