August 12, 2022
  • August 12, 2022

Kareena’s Nutritionist Explains How You Can Make The Right Diet Choice

By on September 24, 2020 0 149 Views

Diet choice for weight loss: Sustainable diets may not offer weight loss benefits in the short term. However, they begin showing improvement in health almost instantly. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Choosing the right kind of diet for yourself maybe your gateway to good health. There may not be just one answer to the question of which diet may be best suitable for you. According to celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, the kind of diet that you should follow should be in sync with your locality, culture, season and tradition.

If you eat in this pattern, it can ensure there’s diversity in your diet and that you have little or no nutritional deficiencies. In one of her recent IGTVs, Diwekar elaborates further on how to make the right diet choice that not just offers weight loss, but other health benefits as well.

Diets like keto, Atkins, intermittent fasting, low carb high fat diet etc are unsustainable in nature. They may offer weight loss results in the short term, but may also end up increasing the amount of health issues you faced before starting with these diets. These may include digestion issues like constipation, acidity and bloating, and increased body pain, knee pain, back pain etc.

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