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Kangana Ranaut expresses anger over Covid-19 vaccine wastage: ‘Have shame shameless people’

By on May 3, 2021 0 203 Views

Kangana Ranaut has expressed her anger on Saturday over the wastage of Covid-19 vaccines. On May 1, the above 18 vaccination drive was supposed to kick start. A few states, however, have delayed the drive owing to the shortage of vaccines.

Taking to Twitter, Kangana said that when the country experienced the first wave of Covid-19, they came together and followed the rules issued by the central government. The actor then claimed that after vaccines showed good results, people became over-confident.

“Truth is simple when first wave came whole nation became one everyone followed instructions because they were scared whatever Modi ji said was followed to perfection first wave settled without much damage, vaccines showed good results and then came the over confidence,” she began her series of tweets.

“If Modi said take vaccine then they defied him why us why not you first, if he takes then why Modi picture why not my picture,if he says wear mask why mask news study says no mask, if he says lockdown what will I eat if he says no lockdown he should resign, sharm karlo besharmon (Have shame shameless people),” she added.

Noting the wastage of vaccines, Kangana asked if people above the age of 45 are rushing now, when will the turn of those between the age group of 18 and 45 come.

“Aab inko vaccine chahiye lekin abhi tak jo vaccine lag jane chahiye the woh toh lage nahi,kitna stock waste ho gaya doctors kept waiting because no one wanted it,abhi above 45 bhaag ke aa rahe hain,toh hamara number (18+) kab aayega, yeh toh iss desh ka haal hai, gawar kahin ke .” (Now they want vaccine but they get the vaccine that they should have taken by now, the stock was wasted. Now people above 45 are rushing in then when will our turn (18+) come. This is the state of the country, boor people),” she said.

According to an ANI report, Lakshadweep has reported the highest percentage of vaccine wastage with 9.76% followed by Tamil Nadu at 8.83%, Assam at 7.70%, Manipur at 7.44%, and Haryana at 5.72%.

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