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  • Josh Duhamel isn’t a ‘fashion guy’ but knows it’s important to ‘look cool’

Josh Duhamel isn’t a ‘fashion guy’ but knows it’s important to ‘look cool’

By on October 29, 2019 0 163 Views

When it comes to his closet, Josh Duhamel knows what he likes.

“I’m not really known as a fashion guy necessarily, but I do want to look cool and I want my stuff to fit right,” the brand-new Lolë ambassador, 46, told Page Six Style over the phone.

Duhamel, 46, is an adventure seeker but also an outdoorsman — he’s building a cabin in Minnesota that he’ll eventually pass down to his 6-year-old son Axl, whom he shares with ex-wife Fergie — so it was important for the “Transformers” star to partner with a brand whose style matches his lifestyle.

And so far, his work with Lolë has certainly delivered on the promise of adrenaline, with activities that include skydiving and “jumping off that 50-foot cliff,” as Duhamel casually mentioned.

“I like to try things that sort of put me outside of my comfort zone,” the actor told us. “Anytime something scares me and I actually go through it and figure out a way to do it, I’m always happy for the experience and having gone through the journey.”

Duhamel also partnered with the Canadian brand because of its eco-friendly business model and its “more masculine” cuts; his favorite items include the camo “Elliot” hoodie pullover ($110) and the “Irving” packable jacket ($229).

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