September 25, 2022
  • September 25, 2022

Is rice really the weight loss nemesis we think it to be? Let’s find out

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Loved by people the world over, rice also has a bad rep for being fattening and bad for diabetics. But is there any truth to these claims? Let this nutritionist answer that for you

Rice is a delicious, starchy, and nourishing grain which is used as a staple ingredient throughout India and the globe. Across cuisines the world over–then be it the Indian biryani, Italian risotto, Chinese fried rice, or Japanese sushi–rice finds a home for itself.

Of course, the fact that rice cooks easily and is responsible for giving us mouth-watering delights also adds to its popularity. But for all its deliciousness, rice is also thought to be extremely fattening. In fact, it has such a bad rep that many doctors and dietitians ask people to avoid rice.

So, is rice fattening?

Want to lose weight? Stop eating rice. Are you a diabeteic? Avoid rice at any cost. We all know things–hell, most of us have grown up with it. But did you know that rice is in fact a gut friendly and nourishing grain?

Depending on the type of rice, this grain can be a good source of B vitamins, thiamin, fibre, and iron. When soaked overnight, rice is one of the best sources of resistant starch found in white and brown rice. This helps feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut, stimulating their growth which helps in digestion and absorption of nutrients. Its short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrate improves colon health and risk of colon cancer.

is rice fatteningRice which has been soaked overnight can help feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut.
But white rice is still a no-no

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