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Hrithik Roshan’s Inspirational Story Mention In Class 6 Textbook

By on April 3, 2020 0 181 Views

Hrithik Roshan’s inspirational story about overcoming his stammering problem has received a special mention in a Class 6 textbook. The chapter was titled, ‘Self-Confidence’.

A twitter user was taken by surprise when she found the same while going through one of the textbooks of her niece. Sharing a picture of it, the user wrote, “Felt bored, so I was reading a textbook of my niece. I was surprised to see this page. This is from the value education textbook of class 6. Who else can teach self-confidence better than him?Proud of you.”

The Bollywood actor has earlier spoken about the same on various platforms and interviews. The chapter mentions how Hrithik was bullied for his stammering problem as a kid, and how with his ‘willpower and determination,’ he managed to get over it.

Hrithik has talked about his inspiring journey in one of his earlier interviews.

“I’d practice every day to overcome the speech issue, I still do for an hour at least so that I can control the secondary actions like twitching and all. The unacceptability to stammering was not only bothersome in my childhood but prevailed till 2012, long after I had become a film star,” he said talking about taking speech therapies.

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