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Hrithik Roshan Responds To Fan Asking If He Was Smoking Near His Sons

By on April 28, 2020 0 153 Views

After Sussane Khan shared a candid picture of sons Hrehaan and Hridaan with Hrithik Roshan, a user tweeted the picture asking if the actor is smoking a cigarette with his sons. “Does @iHrithik have a cigarette in his hand or am I seeing wrong? I hope you don’t @iHrithik. It makes me very very sorry,” she wrote.

Responding to the same, the actor tweeted, “I am a non smoker.:) and if I was Krrish, first thing I’d do after eradicating this virus would be to decimate every last cigarette from this planet.”

South Korean rapper Min Yoon-gi aka Suga, who is also a part of K-Pop boyband BTS. has given fans an exciting update on the group’s new album. Even during the ongoing pandemic, the K-pop group is hard at work on the follow up to Map Of The Soul: 7, which was released in February.

Suga appeared in a livestream where he spoke to the Army, Suga said of the comeback, “We’re already working on a new album again. Before we started, we decided who was in charge of what. Who would oversee everything, who would oversee the visuals, who would oversee the music—we split that up. We discussed it amongst ourselves and made the decision. ‘A video about that will be released soon, so please watch it.”

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