October 4, 2022
  • October 4, 2022

How to Work Out Like a Victoria’s Secret Model at the Gym

By on November 10, 2019 0 208 Views

The personal trainer to the fashion set shares eight moves to help you achieve your fitness goals

If you’re looking to remix your workout routine, try borrowing some moves straight from a Victoria’s Secret model. Here, rising runway star Roosmarijn de Kok and her trainer, Joe Holder, share some of their most effective exercises.

With six years in the modeling business, the Dutch stunner has also worked with Balmain, Tom Ford, and Swedish fast-fashion giant H&M. Beyond her interests in fashion, she’s also a wellness enthusiast who is currently getting her scuba certification, which means she’ll need to be physically fit to successfully complete her training.

Joe Holder is a former wide receiver on the University of Pennsylvania’s football team, and currently trains at Performix House, so it’s safe to say that his athleticism coupled with his passion for fitness and healthy living made a transition into personal training a natural fit.

Need further proof that de Kok and Holder’s workout routine will challenge you at the gym and actually achieve results? Look no further than Holder’s impressive roster of clients, which includes some of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry: VS models Georgia Fowler and Megan May Williams, fashion luminaries Riccardo Tisci, Virgil Abloh, and groundbreaking supermodel, Naomi Campbell. If it’s good enough for Naomi, then sign us up!

Below are nine moves that you can execute in the gym to achieve your fitness goals.

Glute Walks: “It’s a nice, easy, primer warmup exercise to get her engaged and get those glutes and legs working,” explains Holder.

Reps: 30 to 50 steps and be sure to switch directions and repeat

Pro Tip: Stay down and keep your toes square.

Sled Push: “You need to make sure your form is of high-quality, you don’t need to do a lot of this to get your core engaged you have to have a quality plank position,” says Holder. “Roos is driving through those legs, the strength component here. The sleds are one of those favorites that won’t add any unnecessary bulk.”

Reps: 5 X 50 yards

Pro Tip: Keep your core engaged.

Battle Ropes: “Roos needs to make sure she has a good base, a slight bend of the knees, similar to how we had with the band.” As you make a wave with the ropes, your heart rate increases, so your posture needs to be good. For conditioning, Holder explains that your resting heart rate needs to be of “high-quality” which “will make everything easier.”

Work: 15 seconds and rest 30 seconds

Pro Tip: Stabilize your core and control each movement.


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