June 17, 2021
  • June 17, 2021

How To Choose The Perfect Summer Fragrance That You’ll Love

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If you’ve been wearing the same perfume all year, why not shake things up with a unique summer fragrance? Rest assured that for every summery event-from lounging on the beach to hitting up the road, there’s a fragrance for everything. Choosing the right fragrance can alter your mood, trigger memories and enhance your individuality, but you can’t wear the same scent all year round. And since scent is closely linked to memory and emotion, picking a summer-friendly one can put you in the mood for summertime fun. Above all, we think you should wear whatever perfume makes you happy. But if you decide to pick a seasonal summer scent, here are some ideas to guide you.

Summer perfumes usually cool the skin and envelope the wearer in a fresh uplifting aroma. The plants in season now often make perfect notes for a summer scent. From crisp citrus to summer-blooming flowers like jasmines, roses or peonies, use the plants of the season to guide your fragrance choices. When it comes to wearing fragrances in the summer, lighter version of fragrances is easier to wear when it’s super-hot out.

There are some scents that people almost universally associate with the warm weather of the tropics, like pineapple and coconut. These notes work perfectly in summer fragrances. Plus, if you pick a tropical scent that reminds you of a past vacation, it can immediately put you in that laidback, warm-weather mindset.

You can also let fond memories of summers past drive your choice. For example, if you love drinking alfresco Moscow Mules on a hot summer day, you might pick a scent with notes of lime and ginger. There’s no need to rush your decision when searching for a signature scent.

Daytime of the summer season calls for light scents. There’s no reason a summer fragrance cannot be musky, or spicy. But deeper, heavier notes, like vanilla and sandalwood, often smell too strong if you wear them in the full summer sun. Save fragrances with intense notes for after sunset.

Complex scents can also become overpowering during summer. In the summer heat, your perfume evaporates faster and when the perfume contains more complex notes they can mix in an unpleasant way. Opt for simpler scents that contain only one or two notes.

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