May 29, 2022
  • May 29, 2022

Hollywood’s Best 2019 Halloween Costumes

By on November 1, 2019 0 232 Views

Stars paid homage to Jennifer Lopez, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and more with their festive garb.

Hollywood stars got spooky over the weekend ahead of Halloween, bringing out their most creative and over-the-top costumes to celebrate. Some chose to dress as other artists (Nina Dobrev went as Billie Eilish; Halsey as Cher; Jessica Biel as hubby Justin Timberlake), while others kept it classic in character costumes (Demi Lovato as Marie Antoinette; Gabrielle Union-Wade as herself in Bring It On).

“I’m always doing red carpets and getting dressed up, so I didn’t want Halloween to be another work thing,” Laverne Cox tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I just did my own hair and makeup and I found that outfit on Hollywood Boulevard.” She walked into Bizzy B and found metal bustiers on the wall. “I was like, ‘What’s that?’ And she was like, ‘I make those!’ And they were more expensive than the other stuff, but I was like, ‘I want these.’ So I got one and then I got this belt that sort of goes with it that I got on Etsy and was like the superhero of my fantasy,” Cox says.

As for Halloween night, the Orange is the New Black actress is considering asking her stylists and team for another costume but, “I reject the sort of production of it. For me, back in the day, it was about being creative; it was about not spending all that money and not having a team of stylists and makeup artists.”