May 28, 2022
  • May 28, 2022

High-Protein Diet: How To Make Kale Chane Ke Kebab For Weight Loss Diet

By on November 14, 2020 0 169 Views

Protein is one of the most essential components in the journey towards losing weight. A high-protein diet can go a long way in keeping oneself satiated, help build muscle and aid weight loss too. It is a complete myth that vegetarians have only a limited number of protein sources for their diet. There are so many ways that the vegetarian diet can include high-protein foods to boost weight loss. Kala Chana (or black chickpea) is one such ingredient which can be used to make delicious Kale Chane Ke Kebabs for a high-protein snack.

Kebab lovers would agree that there’s truly no comparison to a wholesome and satiating Kebab. Whether you like your kebab as it is, or paired with roti or chutney – a delicious kebab is a taste that only few other dishes could match. While there are a number of vegetarian kebab options out there such as Hara Bhara Kebab or Veg Seekh Kebab, these Kale Chane Ke Kebabs are truly a class apart.

How To Make Kale Chane Ke Kebab For High-Protein Diet

1. Soak Kale Chane in a bowl for about five hours. Grind the chana in a food processor with minimum water to keep the original texture intact.

2. Add the remaining ingredients such as onions, green chillies, ginger and spices.

3. Now, absorb the water in the mixture by using brown bread slices. It is best to mix with hand in order to ensure the right consistency.

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