June 25, 2022
  • June 25, 2022

Here’s how to maintain a healthy diet while working from home

By on March 24, 2020 0 159 Views

Eating well is always important, especially now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. A nutritious diet supports your immune system, fuels and nourishes your body, and benefits your mood and mental health.

In theory, following a healthy diet should be easy when you’re at home. There’s no office sweets to tempt you, and you have more time to prepare home-cooked meals.

The reality, though, is that staying on track can be a challenge. The lack of structure, taking care of young children or feeling isolated can turn your regimented meal plan into a free-for-all.

With the refrigerator only steps away, it’s too easy to tackle boredom, soothe stress or procrastinate work by reaching for snacks throughout the day.

Over time, consistent overeating can lead to unwanted weight gain. In the immediate term, it can make you feel sluggish and bloated and dampen your mood.

The good news: Working from home doesn’t have to derail your diet. The following strategies can help you stay – or get back – on your healthy eating path.

These are unprecedented times to adapt to, though, so don’t beat yourself up if it takes a little longer than expected to find your rhythm.

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