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Here are all the features WhatsApp added this week

By on November 8, 2020 0 184 Views

This week, WhatsApp added several new features to its app. The Facebook-owned company redesigned the storage management tool. The improved version makes it easier for users to delete unnecessary photos, videos, documents and other files. WhatsApp finally introduced the disappearing messages feature, but there are a few issues which will talk about in a bit. The messaging service also reworked on the “report a contact” feature, which is currently available for beta testers. The messaging service has also now enabled its payments feature for a larger number of audience. In case you missed one of these WhatsApp features, you can have a look at them below.

WhatsApp storage management tool

The improved version of the storage management tool is really great and useful. You can now view all the forwarded photos, videos, files in the section and delete them once for all. WhatsApp even lets you separately delete all the media of a separate chat. The previous version only showed you how much storage space a chat is eating and a “Free up” option at the bottom. In order to check what all photos or videos a particular chat has, you had to visit the profile of the individual or group.

Now, this is not the case. The latest version of the storage management tool lets you check all the media and then you can decide whether you want to remove or keep them. WhatsApp even has a dedicated section, which shows a number of files larger than 5MB. The improved version saves a lot of time and makes it very much easier for you to delete unnecessary data to make space for more important memories. You will find the storage management tool in Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage.

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