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Happy birthday Anushka Sharma: When she thought Virat Kohli was ‘arrogant’ but ended up inviting him to her home

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Anushka Sharma may be an actor herself but her meet-cute with husband Virat Kohli is a story fit for a Bollywood rom-com. On her 33rd birthday on Saturday, we are bringing you the story of how she met her cricketer husband and fell for his ‘easygoing’ vibe.

Back in 2013, Anushka and Virat met for the first time to shoot for a shampoo commercial together. As soon as the ad landed on television sets across the country, cricket and Bollywood fans started wondering if there was a secret behind their onscreen chemistry.

Soon after, Anushka spoke about her meeting with Virat, in an interview with Filmfare magazine. “If you’d ask me did Virat come to my house? Yes. Is he my friend? Yes. Do I know him? Yes. But there are other details people don’t know. We did an ad together. I put on an arrogant front because he’s believed to be arrogant too. Before he acted tough, I wanted to have an upper hand. But when I met him, he was so easygoing, intelligent and funny. Considering it was a three-day shoot and on the second night I had called my friends over for dinner to celebrate my new house, I invited him too. That’s where it started. There were other people too but they didn’t make headlines,” she had said.

But since that ad, even nine years later, Virat and Anushka continue to make headlines as a married couple and new parents. They welcomed their first child, daughter Vamika, in January this year. They have been married for more than three years now.

Virat, too, is thankful for the ad they did together and how it lit the spark between them. “We started cracking jokes. I was the one who was fooling around all the time. Some of the jokes were really silly but that’s how I am. I love having a good time and having a laugh. I am really glad that shampoo commercial happened,” he told India Today, years later.

Speaking about what he said to her, including a joke that didn’t land, he told Graham Bensinger on his show, “The first time I met her (Anushka Sharma), I cracked a joke immediately with her. I was nervous and that is why I cracked the joke, because I didn’t know what to do. Before meeting her, I was standing on set all jittery and nervous. I thought I was being funny. I just said something which wasn’t probably the right thing to say. She is tall as well and she was told that I am not 6 feet or plus and ‘you must not wear massive heels or anything’. She walked in and was looking taller than me. I said, ‘Didn’t you get a higher pair of heels than these?’ She was like, ‘Excuse me?’, I said, ‘I am just joking!’ My joke actually became a weird moment for myself. I behaved like a fool, to be honest.”

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