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Get back to the roots and embrace a healthier lifestyle

By on February 28, 2021 0 68 Views

With shadows of 2020 still hovering strong this year, there seems to be an unending struggle with the global pandemic. However, there is a silver lining.
The last few months have made many sit up and take note of their lifestyle and habits. Mumbaikars now are more serious about ‘clean living’ than ever before. Going back to basics, following age-old traditions and leading a simplistic life is the order of the day for most.
The rise of earthenware Since ages, Indian kitchens used natural earthen pots, pans and kadhais. And now, urban families are back to using stylish and chic clay utensils. Experts too recommend using earthen pots because of the multiple benefits they offer. It has been found that food cooked in earthen utensils have a comparatively higher amount of iron, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. And these are good for our body.
“While travelling in remote areas, we had picked up a few clay handis. During the lockdown, we tried cooking in them and now there’s just no going back. The food turns out to be more aromatic and flavourful. We even end up using less oil, as clay pots tend to trap the moisture really well. Also, these utensils help food retain its nutritive value a lot more than other cookware,” says homemaker Kavita Wadhwani, who has begun using earthenware since the last few months.
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