September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

Follow THESE smart and healthy food swaps

By on May 1, 2020 0 203 Views

When stuck at home, one of the top things that most of us have a challenge with is food cravings!

Yes, it’s true. Experts suggest that being at home during a challenging situation our side, like a pandemic, can induce stress eating. Besides, you could be looking for that creamy shake or street food, simply out of boredom too, or because you’re missing your friends and loved ones. Whatever the reason is, the fact is that these urges of bingeing on unhealthy food are well, not healthy. However, there is a way out. You can trick your mind into eating good food and satiate your cravings. You simply need to swap! We tell you more

1. Sweet Tooth

Let’s face it, we’re always ready for dessert, no matter how full we are. So, the first on our list had to be sugar cravings. Whether you want mithai, thick shake, cake, or ice cream, you know that you can’t step outside and risk an infection. Moreover, it isn’t completely safe to get it home delivered too. So here’s what you can have instead:

Try a fruit: Yes, that apple you’ve been avoiding or that banana in your fridge is loaded with nutrients and natural sugars. These not only keep you full for a long time but are also refreshing during summers. If you are a diabetic or are in a prediabetes phase, opt for low GI fruits that are safe for you. A great way to have fruits is also by making fresh, sugar-free spreads for your daily breakfast or juices and smoothies.

Try jaggery or maple syrup: Before I get into the benefits, I must say these are high on sugar content. However, they are the lesser evil. While they satiate your sugar cravings, they have the basic nutrients that are stripped off in the processing of refined sugar.

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