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Fashion photographer Dabboo Ratnani on life during lockdown

By on May 4, 2020 0 188 Views

Celebrity fashion photographer Dabboo Ratnani, best known for his annual calendars featuring exclusive photos of Bollywood actors, joined just for Fever Network’s 100 Hours 100 Stars initiative from his home via a video live. The initiative, started by Fever Network, is the biggest digital fest ever and aims to unite people against the coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to its knees. Through this initiative, that started on May 2, let’s celebrate the frontline workers – including healthcare professionals, sanitation workers, emergency service providers, police – who risk their lives every day to ensure that we stay safe. India has been under a government-mandated lockdown since mid-March, which has forced everyone into their homes.

Talking about how his lockdown is going Dabboo said, “ It has not been so bad for me. My three kids, my wife, Manisha and me, we entertain each other, we keep ourselves busy. This is the least we can do for our country and for the people of our country, because by staying home we are helping the healthcare workers and the whole country. And it’s not been bad because I have been putting off sorting out my data, which is several terabytes. There is insane amount of data that has been backed up during this lockdown. I have also been doing a lot of online study, I feel you can never learn enough. I have following a lot of workshops to see what’s coming next. I have been doing a lot of learning which we never get the time to do with our busy schedules.”

Talking about how the kids adjusted to the situation, Dabboo said, “The kids are so used to go down, but they were pretty okay with it and understood the importance of the situation. the first few days we had to teach them the dos and don’ts, like don’t touch anything that comes from outside or sanitize your hands immediately. It’s been a tough time but a lot of learning as well.”

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