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Exclusive – Rajiv Adatia: I lost 14 kg in the Bigg Boss 15 house and now I want to maintain and lose 10 kg more

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Bigg Boss 15 contestant Rajiv Adatia entertained everyone with his humorous and crazy side and formed strong bonds inside the reality show. The model-turned-entrepreneur, who was initially skeptical of taking up the show, is glad that he changed his decision after seeing the love from the fans. Rajiv recently joined ETimes TV for an exclusive chat and revealed that because of thyroid issues his weight would fluctuate a lot and this made him skeptical about accepting Bigg Boss 15. He also talked about not being comfortable about his body and how he has gained his confidence back by losing 14 kg.

“My new year resolution is to lose more weight. I lost 14 kilos in the house. I have a major thyroid issue because of which my weight fluctuates a lot. When I got a call for this show I was very skeptical if I should do the show or not because I was feeling very uncomfortable with my body. But I decided to go inside the show and I lost 14 kilos. I came out three sizes less than what I was. I want to maintain that and lose 10 more kilos. So that I am back to my normal weight. I now have my thyroid under control. Accepting myself was the biggest thing I did on that show. So I think my new year resolution would be to always keep accepting, loving yourself and follow your dreams,” he said.

When asked about the phase when he suddenly started gaining weight and how he dealt with it, “I always believe that when you are an entertainer it is not because of how you look but because what skill you have. It is about what you give to the audience. There are people outside who are not size zero but they are doing so well in life. People are overweight at some point of their life and it is a process of your life. I think it is absolutely fine.”

He added, “When I went into the Bigg Boss house, I was really big. And it is not because I used to eat much but due to the thyroid issue. I used to gain weight even after eating. When I went inside I just let myself free, that see I am what I am. I told myself I will workout and lose after I go home. But with me my problem was I did not lose weight even after exercising or working out. But now I’ve understood the secret behind weight loss. It is accepting myself the way I am. The moment I accepted myself who I was as a person, the way I am with my flaws, my truth, I started to lose weight. It is not about working out or eating, it is how happy you are from inside. I was just happy being overweight and accepted myself in the house fully.”

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