August 16, 2022
  • August 16, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Dental health post Covid 19; All you need to know

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3-6 months post-Covid are very sensitive and one has to make sure that everybody part is taken care of. We are hearing so much that’s happening post-Covid that the whole of mankind is under a state of confusion & shock at the same time. Even doctors are not sure of what’s going on in the human body. I understand where people are suffering from health – issues, tooth is not on our cards at all but I would still like to suggest few points on how to take care of your teeth after you are infected with the coronavirus.

First and foremost, please follow the proper dental regime during and post-Covid. The body is very weak and we feel very tired and lethargic but let’s please encourage ourselves to follow a proper dental health regime.

Don’t forget to brush twice a day: Whether it’s morning or night, brushing is a must. Due to busy schedules, people usually forget to brush at night or take it for granted, but this is the biggest mistake that they do. To maintain oral hygiene, brushing twice is the key essential thing to follow.

Gum massages: We all are quarantined at our places and this is the best time to take care of our self. Spend some time with your gums as they are the foundation of your teeth. Healthy gums are equal to healthy teeth. Massaging in a circular motion for 5 minutes in the morning and evening with the oil of your choice (olive oil, vitamin E oil, and almond oil) can do wonders for your gums.

Tongue cleaning should be on priority: Once a day, tongue cleaning with glycerin and cotton pad can prove to be magical not only for the lovely pink tongue but also bacteria-free oral cavity.

Mouth wash: rinse your mouth after every meal 2-3 times with a mouth wash of your choice swirl it for at least 30 seconds each for best results #we are what we eat a healthy diet can improve dental health Snacking in between the meals is one thing we all look forward to it can be both in favour or against your health I’m myself a strong believer of small frequent meals it improves your health a long way but all we have to do is choose is snack wisely.

Apple is also called a natural toothbrush in fact all crisp fruits and raw vegetables like carrot, celery and apples help clean plaque and tartar from the teeth. They also reduce cavity-causing bacteria and increase the salivary flow in return keeping the oral cavity clean and healthy. Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemon, mint and coriander tomato and cucumber and pineapple and pear help protect our gums. Gums are the foundation of our teeth and help to keep our teeth strong. Vitamin c is one of the key factors in our periodontal health. It also helps build up the immunity of the body and helps fight any of the infections in the oral cavity.

Please visit a dentist for your full mouth checkup please make sure you visit your dentist as soon as you’re tested negative, and you start feeling better. We at DENTEM, have full mouth OPG X-ray apparatus. Get your full mouth OPG done, so that we can find any dental problems if at and treat them at the right time We would also recommend full mouth oral prophylaxis and laser cleaning of gums to give new strength to your gums.

About the author: Dr. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Gunita Singh- Leading Dental Experts

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