August 16, 2022
  • August 16, 2022

Effective expert tips to improve your posture

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Posture instability and back issues are common problems these days owing to a sedentary lifestyle and bad posture. However, some simple lifestyle changes, including how one sits, stands, drives, or does any other day-to-day activity can help immensely.

Pilates trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared some effective tips to keep in mind while going about one’s routine activities to ensure you don’t slouch and your posture problems are corrected on time.

“We tend to develop bad posture without even realising it, and this leads to several musculoskeletal problems like pain in the neck/cervical, lower back, hip and knee. Here is a quick tip for you to bring awareness to little things that can improve your posture,” she said, while demonstrating how to improve one’s posture.

How to improve posture?

Mobile should be at eye level
The back should be upright
Shoulders and head should be straight

While standing

Forward head
Upper back rounded
Abdominals relaxed
Pelvis tilted

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