May 20, 2022
  • May 20, 2022

Eating after 6 pm linked to poor dietary habits.

By on September 4, 2020 0 266 Views

Could a fixed dinner time be the key to a healthy lifestyle? A new study claims so, giving evidence to the fact that time-restricted eating, does, in fact, influence your lifestyle. As Indians, most of us are habitual of having late dinners, with our families at odd hours. As much as that gives family bonding time, we all are aware that eating late dinners isn’t the healthiest practice.

A study conducted by the UK-based Ulster University’s Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE), based on 1200 adults also found that untimely dinner habits are linked to a rise in calorie intake and poor nutrition. The study also ascertained that most people were likely to eat badly after 6 pm.

How was the survey conducted?

For the survey, all the participants were divided into four broad groups, based on how much and what they eat. For the same, participants were asked to maintain a food diary, based on the Nutrient Rich Food Index, wherein the food items were ranked on factors- including their nutritional profile and energy levels.


Hunger pangs and sensations follow a fixed routine- and are the most intense later in the day. The scientists involved in the study observed that this phenomenon had an impact on the food we eat and the type of food as well, both contributing factors to health.

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