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Do you have smelly feet? Use these foot baths for instant relief

By on July 7, 2020 0 159 Views

Having smelly feet is embarrassing, even if you are home. It could cause a great discomfort to the people living with you, too. But, it is not a given that you cannot do anything about it either. While it is advisable that you get yourself checked by a doctor — because sweat and the resultant smell can often happen because of an underlying hormonal issue — you do not have to be alarmed. There are many simpler things that you can do at home to take care of the problem. It may give you a temporary relief, or it could be a lasting one. There is no harm in trying these easy foot baths.

The best part about them is that you can use them while you are working from home, after all you only have to soak your feet in them. Here are some easy DIYs. Read on.

* Just do not think beyond rose petals and rose water. You will be doing a great service to your feet and treating them like royalty, if you use this foot soak. Take a tub and add a few rose petals. Add a little bit of water and some lime slices to make your feet feel fresh and relaxed. You can also add any essential oil of your choice and soak your feet for 30 minutes every day to get rid of the smell.

* The next feet bath includes only your favourite essential oils and nothing else. You can use oils like orange, lavender, lemongrass to rejuvenate your feet. Besides getting rid of the odour, the oils can also improve the circulation of the blood. If you have tea tree oil at home, add a few drops to a tub of water with your feet immersed in it. It can kill harmful bacteria and fungus that cause the gross smell.

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