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Disney World intern shares its secrets: Why are their American flags short one star and stripe?

By on December 19, 2019 0 232 Views

“The most magical place on earth” has become a little less mysterious, thanks to a Walt Disney World intern’s now-viral TikTok video series illuminating little-known facts about the Florida theme park.

Earlier this week, intern Fayth Hendley discussed all things Disney on the video-sharing platform in a series of six quick clips. The 19-year-old collegian from Illinois claimed she previously worked there through the Disney College Program during a five-month internship at Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom. She will be returning to the theme park for a second apprenticeship in January 2020, The Sun reports.

Flashing her official name badge, Hendley spoke about everything from why balloons are banned in certain places to weird facts about the Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom and more with her 49,5000 TikTok followers in the wide-ranging videos.

Visitors won’t find gum for sale anywhere in Disney World, Hendley claimed, because of disposal issues.

“When people are done chewing their gum, they decided that there just going to stick it somewhere, instead of disposing of it properly,” she said.

Nearly all of the American flags through the park are also missing a star and stripe because they “couldn’t be flown permanently” otherwise, she shared.

As for the Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest rides, both attractions are exactly 199 feet because the Sunshine State requires blinking lights to be displayed for low-flying planes at heights of 200 feet.

Over at Animal Kingdom, the restrooms uniquely feature entrance and exit doors in the event of an emergency in which visitors would need to hide from an escaped animal.

“This is just [for], in the unfortunate situation, if an animal were to get out, that the guests can hide in there,” Hendley said.

In addition, balloons and plastic straws are also forbidden in Animal Kingdom, as they could threaten the wildlife inside.

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