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Carnival Cruise Line bans ‘offensive’ clothing and accessories

By on January 9, 2020 0 223 Views

Don’t expect to go cruisin’ around wearing offensive clothing on a Carnival ship.

The company recently updated its dress code policy to ban “offensive” clothing and accessories from its ships. This includes items with messages or images that contain nudity, profanity or sexual innuendo or suggestions.

Guests are also prohibited from wearing clothing or accessories that promote negative ethnic or racial commentary, hatred or violence.

“Our crew is not on board to be the clothing or expression police,” Carnival spokesperson Vance Gulliksen told Fox News. “We already have some basic clothing guidelines in place, and our guests respect them and understand we are a family-focused business.”


According to Gulliksen, “This change came about after some incidents were reported in the media about other travel sectors where customers were wearing clothing with very threatening messages. That started a discussion about how we were prepared to handle such a situation and the need for clarification to both guests and crew. But we really don¹t anticipate this being an issue onboard.”

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