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Can cabbage soup diet help you lose weight?

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Cabbage soup diet, designed for short-term weight loss, involves consuming the soup in large quantities. Those advocating the diet claim that having cabbage soup daily for seven days can help you lose up to 10 pounds or 4.5 kg.

According to Healthline, the diet was supposedly developed in a hospital for quick weight loss before surgery for heart patients.

Cabbage soup recipe
As per the diet, you can have as much cabbage soup as you want for seven days. Here’s the recipe that is followed:


2 – Large onions
2 – Green peppers
2 cans – tomatoes
1 bunch – Celery
1 – Cabbage head
3 – Carrots
1 packet – Mushrooms
6-8 cups – Water or vegetable cocktail


1. Chop the vegetables.

2. In a pan, saute onions in little oil.

3. Add the other vegetables. Pour water or vegetable cocktail and any seasoning as desired.

4. Bring to boil and reduce to medium heat. Cook for 30-45 minutes.

How to follow cabbage soup diet

The diet allows you to have one or two calorie foods daily in addition to the soup. The diet may be low in some nutrients so a daily multivitamin is recommended. You can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want. But baked potato, beans, corn, peas and bananas should be avoided for the first three days. Added sugar needs to be avoided. The diet should not be continued for more than seven days at a time.

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