May 28, 2022
  • May 28, 2022

Boost your immunity with a high-calorie diet

By on May 12, 2020 0 246 Views

The lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 has given people ample time to follow their creative pursuits. However, it has also given rise to this new wave of ‘quarantine cooking’. From making rasgullas to baking a cake for the first time, people are constantly sharing pictures of recipes on different social media platforms, demonstrating how they are utilising their time. This quarantine cooking is not just for sustenance, but also for entertainment and to beat the stress.

As this trend is gaining followers every minute, experts are advising people to opt for healthy alternatives. They are reminding people that as physical activity has reduced amid the lockdown, it is better to limit the frequency of high-calorie food items.

Dr Vinu Kumar, a Ludhiana-based clean eating and lifestyle mentor, said, “In this time of global health emergency, one should try to increase their immunity by opting for healthy alternatives.”

“Along with staying at home, it is everyone’s duty to keep oneself healthy. Indulging in high-calorie diet on a daily basis with no physical activity will only lower the immunity, making one vulnerable to infections. Rather than following the trend just to impress your friends on social media, set an example by including seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily diet,” she said.

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