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Avatar 2: release date, first images and everything we know

By on January 20, 2020 0 301 Views

What we know about James Cameron’s Avatar 2

The original Avatar was a bona fide phenomenon. With performance capture, luscious CG backgrounds and 3D photography far beyond anything we’d ever experienced before, James Cameron’s epic became the highest grossing film of all time when it hit cinemas in 2009. Success like that tends to breed sequels – but they usually make it into cinemas a little quicker than this…

Originally slated for 2014, the as-yet-untitled Avatar 2 is the first of four sequels in production. It’s a return to the beautiful moon of Pandora, where the indigenous Na’vi people (the tall blue ones with tails) fought off the human invaders who were destroying their land to mine precious “unobtainium”.

One of their number, paraplegic marine Jake Sully, ended up falling for Neytiri, one of the Na’vi, and ended up with his consciousness permanently downloaded into his “avatar” Na’vi body. Avatar 2 will pick up the couple’s story now that they have kids, introducing new Na’vi and humans to the mix.

But what else can we expect from the movie that – until 2019’s Avengers: Endgame – was the biggest blockbuster hit of all time? We’ve sent out an early recon mission to Pandora to find out everything you need to know about Avatar 2’s release date, title, plot, cast and more.

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