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Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy: We’re Back Together! For Now!

By on November 17, 2019 0 244 Views

So much of recent Southern Charm news has been about Kathryn Dennis and her disgraced criminal baby daddy. It’s time for something different.

Austen Kroll and Madison Lecroy have had an on-again, off-again relationship with some serious and dramatic ups and downs.

Now, Austen has confirmed that the tumultuous duo are back together … for now.

Have you noticed that a lot of your favorite Real Hosuewives and Southern Charm stars are in New York this week? It’s not a coincidence.

They’re in the Big Apple for Bravocon, a convention for Bravo stars.

On Friday, November 15, Austun Kroll took part in a panel that spoke with fans.

Also on the panel were Patricia Altschul, Kathryn Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover.

It was on this panel that Austen divulged that he and Madison Lecroy have reconciled and are back together.

“This week, I’m doing well with Madison,” he joked.

Austen’s joke continued: “Next week, I’ll let you all know.”

It’s a nod to the instability and on-again, off-again nature of their romance.

“I tried to go our separate ways,” Austen explained to fans.

But he readily admitted: “Madison has been a person for me for a long, long time.”

“It’s hard to walk away from someone like that,” Austen confessed.

Some times, two people just click … even if not all of the sparks that are flying are emotionally healthy or conducive to their happiness.

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