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As Debate on Nepotism in Bollywood Continues

By on June 23, 2020 0 246 Views

Two contradictory hashtags have been trending on Twitter all Monday. The first, #BoycottKhans, demands the Khans be shunned from Bollywood, in response to the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput who, netizens feel was a victim of nepotism and power play. The other trending hashtag read #SupportSelfMadeSRK, mostly coming from the fans of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

“Bihar, Jharkhand aur UP Main ban kar do Khan’s k movie to kahin Nahi chalega tab Pata chalega inko (Khan movies should be banned in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. When their films don’t run anywhere, then they will learn a lesson) that talents are not only born in Bollywood godfathers house. Stupid people specially ban Yash raj film and all 7 production house films in these 3 states #BoycottKhans,” tweeted a user.

“#BoycottKhans. If a corrupt government can’t give him justice, then people can..#CBIEnquiryForSushant #BeFairInSSRMurderCase,” tweeted another netizen.




#BoycottKhans #BoycottNepotism

#BeFairInSSRMurderCase. Real hero and good heart person Sushant Singh Rajput,” shared another user.

“Dear Srk no doubt ur the best bt after sushant death i hate u …u dnt have the pic of sushant in ur phone..y don’t u kept a fan moment in ur phone u google it n post it shame on u #BoycottKhans,” expressed a user.

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