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AR Rahman says THIS about daughter Khatija after she gets criticized by Taslima Nasreen over her attire

By on February 21, 2020 0 146 Views

The musical legend AR Rahman finally opened up about daughter Khatija getting criticized by the Bangladeshi writer and activist Taslima Nasreen. The controversy began when Khatija Rahman shared a picture along with father AR Rahman and sister Raheema. The Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen who lives in India, tweeted saying that she loves AR Rahman’s music, but she felt suffocated when she sees his daughter Khatija wearing a veil. In no time, many fans commented in support of Khatija. Singer Chinamayi Sripada also tweeted in support of Khatija and said that people need to leave her alone, and let her decided her attire. Khatija Rahman stated in her Instagram post that so many things are happening in the country, but her choice of attire has sadly become a topic of discussion.

Khatija adds how she felt empowered by the choices she has made in life, does not feel suffocated in any way. South siren, Aishwarya Lekshmi, also supported Khatija for her point of view. Now, the musical genius who is also known as the Mozart of Madras, said in response to the controversy, that Khatija, had sung a song, and so many people have appreciated it, and that criticism like this will never get any kind of retaliation from his side. AR Rahman does mention that how Khatija gave a fitting reply to Taslima Nasreen about her feeling suffocated over Khatija donning a burqa.

AR Rahman also adds that the kids are brought up in a way where they have inherited the good and bad, but they also have their free will. The music composer was also questioned whether he spoke to Khatija, about the controversy, and AR Rahman adds that his daughter said she did what she had to clear the air about her choice of attire. AR Rahman simply stated that Khatija’s attire is more than a religious thing, it is her personal choice and she has the liberty to wear what she wants.

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