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Anushka Sharma to Kareena Kapoor: HERE’s what you should know about post pregnancy workout

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After pregnancy, you must have seen a lot of physical changes and hence you may want to get back to your previous shape with a workout. But often new moms get confused about their post-pregnancy workout regime. They cannot understand which workout style would be best for them. But in actuality, they can do any workout style which they feel comfortable with. This will enhance their overall fitness routine. Recently, popular Bollywood actresses Anushka Sharma has gives birth to a girl child and Kareena Kapoor to a baby boy. Post the pregnancy, both of them have shared some bits of their workout routine through Instagram posts. So, all the new moms out there, it’s your time to take those sports shoes out of the shoe rack and be ready to get in shape. Here’s what you should know about the post-pregnancy fitness routine.

First Remember the Core Strength

Core strength is the most vital part of your overall health and basic fitness. But most of the new moms have complained of having a different core. Post-pregnancy it’s overstretched and gives a different feeling in the belly portion. Women feel vulnerable, disconnected, and absent-minded. So, they should first focus on strengthening their core initially.

Healing process is different for everyone

After labour, the healing process is different for each woman. But according to doctors, your post-pregnancy health depends on your pre-pregnancy fitness to a great extent. So, if you have had good fitness during your pregnancy, you are most likely to heal sooner. But most women can resume all normal activities within 6 weeks post-delivery.

New aches and pain

During your pregnancy, you have had a lot of rest. So, when you will start your workout regime, you may get new pain and aches. So, you should focus on your alignment during exercise and in daily life.

Exercises for post-partum depression

Post-partum depression is a highly common issue amongst new moms currently. The symptoms of this depression can show up at any time. So, maintaining a healthy workout regime will help you to boost your mood, reduce the symptoms and increase your confidence.

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