June 27, 2022
  • June 27, 2022

Amazing ways to use up milk

By on April 23, 2020 0 335 Views

Milk is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It’s also an essential ingredient in numerous recipes. Problem is, it’s got rather a limited shelf life. Indeed, who hasn’t ended up with more milk than they need and wondering what to do with it before it sours? Fortunately, there are many different ways to use up milk, which means you never again have to waste a drop of this delicious dairy product.

Click through the following gallery and learn what you can do with this nutrient-rich liquid food. You’ll never cry over spilled milk again!

Blueberry ricotta hotcakes

Not quite a pancake or even a flapjack, but hotcakes still require milk for their wonderfully fluffy textures. Tip: to extend its shelf life, store milk in a cool and stable environment in your fridge (but not the fridge door, where temperatures can fluctuate).

Milk ice-cream

Take three ingredients—milk, sugar, and vanilla extract—and you’re halfway to whipping up a yummy ice-cream dish. And guess what? It has half the fat of regular ice-cream, so there’s no need to feel guilty!

Watering the garden

What? Surely not! Well, yes, actually. Adding a few drops of milk to water before watering the garden adds a calcium nutrient boost to plant and flower beds.

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