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All the Amazon Originals coming to Prime in September 2020

By on August 30, 2020 0 159 Views

There are four new Amazon Originals on Prime Video throughout September

With 111 titles joining Amazon Prime Video throughout September, it can often feel overwhelming to choose. Sometimes, you only have time for a handful of shows and movies. So, you’ll want to focus on the new content, the Amazon Originals.

There are four new additions to Prime throughout the month. Two of them are shows and the other two are movies. One of the shows is highly anticipated and will get a less-than-ordinary release.

Here’s a look at all four Amazon Originals joining Prime next month. This is in release date order to avoid favoritism.

Dino Dana The Movie

We start with the movie for the children. Your kids have already likely watched Dino Dana. Now it’s time for Dino Dana The Movie. It’ll follow 10-year-old Dana, who sees dinosaurs in the real world.

Dana has an experiment to complete, but her eight-year-old neighbor, Mateo, finds the magical Dino Field Guide and can now see dinosaurs too. He heads off on a T-Rex-sized journey, bringing Dana along with him. When Mateo is dino-napped, Dana and Saara join forces with his older brother Jadiel to get him back.

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