August 17, 2022
  • August 17, 2022

Alcohol and Weight: Drinking can sabotage your weight loss goals, here’s how

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Losing weight is an exhausting process. As much as the results can please us, the path to achieving that perfect body is as tiresome and challenging. That said, if you’re a drinker, what can further add to your misery are all the calories present in almost every alcoholic beverage. While you may root for all the health benefits an alcoholic drink can provide, but you sure cannot ignore the many ways it can take a toll on your weight loss goals.

Alcohol has only calories, no nutrients
Most alcoholic drinks are often known as ’empty calories’. What it means is that these intoxicating drinks have no amount of nutrients but are filled with calories that can spike up your body fat. Besides that, if you think drinks that have fruits and soda are healthy, they possess even more calories than ever.

It can cause excess belly fat
Alcoholic drinks contain high calorie content that get stored in the body as excess fat. This is why, consuming foods and drinks, especially alcohol, can lead to immediate weight gain. On top of that, if you engage in zero number of physical activity, then this can even increase your risk of developing chronic illnesses.

Drinking disrupts your will power
Whether you have been on a restrictive diet for forever or have been following a series of fitness routine, once you gulp down on that alcoholic beverage, your will power to stick to your weight loss plan is down the drain. Alcohol intoxicates you to the point where your ability to think is jeopardized. This can lower your inhibitions and may make you eat or drink things that can sabotage your weight loss goals.

Alcohol can alter the way your body produces energy
Usually, the body uses the fats stored in the body to produce energy. It burns the calories and gives the body its fuel to function. However, when you drink, the alcoholic beverage becomes the primary source of energy, which is why the already-existing fat remain where they are and start expanding, leading to weight gain.

Alcohol causes hormonal imbalance
Alcoholic beverages can often lead to a decrease in sex hormones like testosterone. Testosterone is known for its many metabolic processes, including muscle formation and fat burning capabilities. That said, lack of testosterone can make it difficult for men to lose weight.

Drinking impacts your sleep negatively
Sufficient sleep is crucial for the overall well-being of the body. However, when it comes to losing weight, it is of utmost importance. That said, drinking can often impact sleep negatively. Lack of sleep and sleep deprivation can often lead to hormonal imbalances related to hunger, which can up your calorie intake and lead to weight gain.

Alcohol can cause digestive issues
Drinking can result in a bad digestive system. An unhealthy digestion indicates that the body is unable to absorb all the nutrients properly and hence unable to pass the waste, affecting the metabolism of the body. This can often lead to weight gain.

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