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Akshay Kumar suggested Lara Dutta’s name for Bell Bottom

By on August 22, 2021 0 61 Views

Akshay Kumar starrer Bell Bottom released in cinemas and the actor’s film is being loved by moviegoers who love watching big budget action films on the big screen. The performances by the ensemble cast is being praised and Lara Dutta’s performance is particularly pointed out when one talks about great performances in the film. However, did you know that it was Akshay Kumar who had suggested Lara’s name for the film.

Lara Dutta plays the late PM – Mrs Indira Gandhi in the film. Her make-up makes her look like Mrs Indira Gandhi unbelievably, but the actress even gets the Iron Lady’s stature and personality bang-on too. Well, one needs to thank Akshay Kumar for this casting, as he was the one who suggested her name and even tried to convince the actress to do the role.

Today, as Akshay Kumar spoke to Bombay Times, the actor narrated the tale of how he got the actress on board. He said, “For some reason, she (Lara Dutta) was the first person who came to my mind. I remember calling her up and telling her about this film that I was doing and that we were casting for the role of Indira Gandhi in it. I wanted her to consider it. And she started laughing and refused to believe I was seriously asking her to consider it. For the longest time, she thought I was playing a prank as she saw no similarity between the two whatsoever. But then I explained to her what the role entailed and why I felt she could do justice to it. And she, along with the brilliance of make-up artist Vikram Gaikwad and his team, did exactly that.”

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