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After Smoothing Hair Care: Beauty Tips For Frizz-Free Hair After Smoothing Hair Treatments

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After dealing with frizzy hair and crazy locks for years, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to do a smoothing hair treatment. You’ve possibly chosen from cysteine, keratin or olaplex hair treatments which use a different mix of hair relaxants to calm the strands, reduce frizz and leave it looking silkier and shinier than ever. But after smoothing hair care can be tricky to wrap the mind around. Once you come home from the salon with your newly smooth and straight hair, caring for it is a whole different ball game. However, we’ve got the best beauty advice for you. These after smoothing hair care tips will give you insight on caring for your tresses correctly after salon hair treatments.

Once your hair is professionally smoothened and shiny, these after smoothing hair care tips will show you how to best care for it.

Sulfate-free shampoo is necessary as it is milder, contains no sulfates in its formula and counteracts the chemicals in treated hair. This cleanses the hair gently without stripping too much away from it after it has already been chemically treated.

Hair requires an intense dose of nourishment and conditioner can deliver that. Always use hair conditioner after shampoo when you wash your locks. Frequently add leave-in conditioner and hair masks to your routine to additionally drive in the nutrients.

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Smooth hair needs the right kind of care

When you step outside, apply hair serum before you do. Not only will it maintain shine and decrease frizz, it will act as a protecting layer to shield hair from any UV damage or environmental stressors that comes its way.

A detangling hair brush or wide-tooth comb helps separate the strands and distribute naturally produced serum throughout the lengths. That way, it doesn’t look very greasy and knots do not form in the hair.

After smoothing hair care tips also include mistakes that you should definitely not be making. Hair should be washed only 3 days after the treatment and shampooing isn’t recommended every day. It shouldn’t be tied up or pinned to prevent creases and marks from setting in. Regular hair trims can prevent split ends from setting in. Avoid products like beach wave spray which have salts that affect texture.

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