August 19, 2022
  • August 19, 2022

After clothes, it’s time to upcycle your food

By on December 16, 2020 0 156 Views

We all have heard of upcycled furniture or upcycled clothes, but what is upcycled food? The agenda here remains the same, using a discarded material and turn them into something usable, which means edible when it comes to food.

It took us a pandemic to understand that the food that we consume daily is both vital and complicated. Irrespective of what is consumed, every ingredient present in our dish goes through an extensive journey before it reaches our table. The entire food supply chain process right from farming to processing to distribution and the treatment overall is complicated. A not so savoury result of the global food supply chain is food waste.

Food waste is an alarming concern at ends, the food system and the climate. Between 30–40 percent of the food supply gets wasted on a yearly basis. The impact further becomes graver when we look at the water, energy, and land resources that was utilised for producing food that was never consumed.

However, spreading awareness about the issue of food waste at the consumer-level while also supporting manufacturer and suppliers in their efforts to conserve food will bring change in the society.

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