September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

Add THESE flours in your diet and avoid blood sugar spike

By on February 24, 2020 0 166 Views

Diabetes is one of the common health conditions that many Indians are suffering from and the number, unfortunately, is only rising.

It is very vital for diabetics to bring changes in diet and other lifestyle changes by including exercises among others.

It is important for them to include more protein, fibre and other nutrient-dense food items and reduce the consumption of carb-rich, processed and sugary foods.

It is also advised that diabetics should stay clear from the rice.

And that’s why they resort to wheat chapatis as their staple. If you want to know which are the attas you can include in your daily diet then read on. Today we are talking about other fibre-rich flours that are healthier than wheat. So, if you are diabetic and want to opt for other grain-based flours then read on.

1. Buckwheat aka Kuttu flour

This is one of the best attas you can use in case you are a diabetic as it is effective to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. As per one of the studies, buckwheat lowered meal-related blood sugar levels by 12 to 19 percent. The flour also helps to improve heart health and promotes weight loss as well. One can prepare parathas, pooris, chillas, pakoras and brownies among others with this type of flour.

2. Finger Millet aka Ragi flour

The fibr-rich atta is one of the best substitutes for white rice and wheat. It helps to keep us fuller for a longer period of time and maintains a healthy digestive pace, thus controlling diabetes. One can prepare recipes such as Ragi porridge, Ragi upma, Ragi malt, Ragi dosa and of course one can prepare Ragi chapati.

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