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Aamir Khan’s brother Faissal Khan opens up about their equation, Aamir’s divorce: ‘My own marriage didn’t work’

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Actor Aamir Khan and his brother Faissal Khan have had a tumultuous relationship. Now, in a new interview, Faissal opened up about their current equation, and also spoke about his brother’s recent divorce.

Faissal Khan, who appeared with Aamir in the critical and commercial dud Mela, has often spoken about how his career took a beating in the aftermath of the film’s failure. He is staging somewhat of a comeback with Faactory, a film that he directed and also stars in.

Asked about his current equation with Aamir, Faissal told a leading daily, “Everything is okay between us. As an individual I take my own decisions. I am not a director who doesn’t know what he has made. I have given my best and my producers have helped me with it. God’s and the audience’s verdict remains to be seen.”

Aamir and his wife of 15 years, Kiran Rao, recently announced their divorce. Asked to comment about it, Faissal said, “I cannot give them any advice. My marriage didn’t work out, so I am no one to comment on anyone’s personal life. They know what is best for them.”

Faissal did, however, reveal that both his mother and brother have watched Faactory, and appeared to like it. Aamir complimented Faissal on his singing, and told him, “You have sung the song very well. You’re better than me.”

Faissal was involved in a legal battle with his family, after they allegedly kept him ‘under house arrest’ for a year because they felt that he ‘was depressed and had paranoid schizophrenia’. Faissal moved court when he was asked by his family to give up his signatory rights. Faissal said that he underwent a mental evaluation at JJ Hospital for 20 days, after which he was declared of sound mind and mentally healthy. “I was given wrong medication for one year, which was very unfair on the family’s part,” he told Bollywood Hungama last year.

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