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8 Indian influencers to follow for quick and easy lifestyle hacks

By on September 29, 2020 0 221 Views

Social media is good for more than viral memes of that one tear-eyed cat or the endless TikTok challenges. You can get valuable tips and hacks to sort your life out, whether it’s for getting the ‘summer body of your dreams’ or ‘how to bake banana bread without burning your kitchen down’. These lifestyle influencers can guide you to a non-messy life where you can make desserts whenever you want, while chilling in a kitchen that looks straight out of an interior’s magazine. We’ve curated some of the best Indian lifestyle influencers and bloggers around for you to follow right now.

If you spend hours drooling over perfectly organised table tops or fervently look for ways to summon the devil just so you can trade in a part of your soul for the organised kitchens that you have been pinning to your Pinterest boards since for as long as you can remember, then you should follow this account. Certified professional organiser Rohini Rajagopalan leads one of India’s premier organising and decluttering services and offers insightful hacks and tips for organising your space on their Instagram account. From your refrigerator to your closet, this account will help you declutter your space easily and efficiently.

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