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8 fun hairstyle tips for when you’ve outgrown your haircut

By on September 18, 2020 0 149 Views

Bangs too shaggy? Layers too long? We’re in the same boat. Here’s how you can make that overgrown hairstyle work

If a salon visit still feels like a dream right now (almost as far-fetched as as visiting a sunny Sicilian vineyard because you feel like a glass of crisp white), you might have to make do with the hair you currently have. We’re not recommending cutting your own strands, because it can be way messier than you think. Instead, we’re recommending easier solutions, like trying fun new hairstyles with all that extra hair length you’ve got now. Here’s what you can try.

1) Wrap it up

Upgrade your ponytail by wrapping it up in a bright, colourful scarf or any piece of cloth you find in your wardrobe. All you need to do is bunch up all the hair in one place, secure with an elastic and use your head scarf as the perfect accessory. Let some flyaways out—you’re at home—and keep it fun and casual.

2) Bring out your boldest hairband

Or, take all that uneven hair back with a big, chunky headband you were obsessed with all of last year. Your hair could do with some over-the-top accessorising—it’s been a while.

3) Put a flower on it

It’s not a bob, but you can’t call it a lob. You can try to hold it all together with a scrunchie but it will rebel until you set it free. But that’s no fun either, because it doesn’t seem to be proportionate with your face shape and size anymore. Pluck out fresh flowers from your garden, or bring fresh blooms from your local flower market and tuck ’em into your hair with a clip. The flowers will hide the excess hair and clipping them in will maintain your hair’s shape.

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