September 26, 2022
  • September 26, 2022

7 Mouth watering Malvani fish recipes you must try

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When you think of Malvan nestled on the west coast of our country, thoughts of pristine beaches, palm trees and delicious Konkani fare probably jump to your mind. For the uninitiated, fishing villages on the Konkan belt were the birthplace of delectable Konkani cuisine. This cuisine then evolved into two styles, namely Karwar or Malvani food. Unsurprisingly, the region is famous for stellar seafood dishes cooked with a generous dash of coconut milk and oodles of flavor. So today, we bring you seven luscious Malvani fish recipes, that you must try.

Spicy Indian Mackerel Curry

If you aren’t averse to a bit of spice in your food, then try this spicy Mackerel curry. The generous dose of Kashmiri red chillies are perfectly balanced by the grated coconut in this garlic-laced fish curry. It is ideal for locals who can purchase the humble Bangda or Indian Mackerel locally.

Aagri Fish Fry

If you seek restaurant style finesse in the fried fish you serve up, then this one is for you. The preparation for this dish will take you no time at all, yet the tangy pomfret fry packs a punch when it comes to flavor.

Modak Macchi Pickle

Few things rival the flavor of locally found fish, and Modak Macchi is an excellent example of this. These tiny fish are better known as Silver fish and must be cleaned properly before being marinated. If you have an adventurous palate, then you may opt for this and serve this curry with curd rice or even alongside roti.

Malvani Bombil Fry

Since the Bombil or Bombay Duck is famous for having little to no bones, you can make this one for your kids. They shall surely enjoy this treat that’s crispy from the outside and simply melts-in-the-mouth once you bite into it.

Malvani Mushi or Baby Shark Masala

In case you are well-versed with North-Indian fare that primarily uses an onion and tomato based gravy, then this may appeal to you. However, the addition of dried coconut and baby shark fish lends it inimitable flavors from the Konkan.

Malvani Fish Fry

In case you have guests coming over and wish to fry them up some delicious starters, then this fish fry is an excellent option. You can even cut, clean and marinate the fish shortly before your visitors arrive so you can be the perfect host who spends the least time in the kitchen!

Malvani Style Rohu Curry

Should your local fish markets sell some amazing Rohu, then this is the dish you should try. You can serve up this tasty curry with a bed of freshly made brown rice or even some piping hot roti.

Whether or not you’re a fan of coconut in your curries, this diverse cuisine offers you a spate of lip-smacking dishes to choose from. So whip up a storm in your kitchen this weekend and treat your tastebuds to Malvani seafood!

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