May 26, 2022
  • May 26, 2022

6 Quirky Christmas-inspired dishes to wow your dinner guests

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Whether or not you’re able to deck the halls with boughs of holly this season, you can always make a Christmas-inspired dinner. After all, filling up your abode with the delicious aroma of yummy treats, and the laughter of loved ones is the easiest way to welcome the spirit of the festive season into your humble home. We bring you quirky dishes right from a Christmas charcuterie wreath to candy cane roll cake that ensure you will get in the spirit of the season with little effort on your part.

Although these aren’t a part of a traditional Christmas dinner, there’s no better way to get in the spirit of the season that to cook up this snack that resembles Christmas trees. The Fajita triangles are stuffed with a delicious chicken filling and baked, which makes them especially healthy! Enjoy these crispy tree triangles that are graced with pesto and loads of garlic as a quick snack any time this season.

Whether or not you’re able to deck the halls with boughs of holly this season, you can always make a Christmas-inspired charcuterie board. Since this is shaped to look like a wreath, it personifies the spirit of X-mas. The best part about this board this that almost everything can be substituted with another item that’s easier to procure. Choose brie, smoked gouda, feta or honey to replace bijou cheese should you so desire. You may also feel free to use crackers instead of raspberries and add in more of your favorite berries with a flourish.

If you seek to transform a boring snack into an X-mas themed one, then this recipe is for you. It lets you make everything from Reindeer cupcakes and Snowman themed cupcakes to Santa’s pull apart cupcakes that are a fun and tasty addition to any children’s Christmas party.

No Christmas party is complete without a Christmas tree, but if you’ve not brought one home this season, then fret not! Simply make a pizza Christmas tree that your family will love even more. A novel idea, it is sure to be a palate pleaser.

If you love Reshmi & Malai chicken Kebabs then this is a scrummy snack that you must make whenever you’re cooking Christmas dinner. Inspired by the Indian dish, these sausage rolls have a similar moist and creamy chicken flavor. Not only are they quick to make and good to eat, but they are quite healthy. The flaky and buttery pastry is crisp in your mouth and makes the perfect starter at your dinner.

When it’s nearing the end of the year, you probably want to conclude the month on a sweet note. Hence a Candy Cane Roll Cake would fit the bill. Not only is it easily made, but it appears flawless and fancy, which adds to the cheer this season.

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