October 4, 2022
  • October 4, 2022

50 Healthy New Recipes for the New Year

By on December 15, 2019 0 168 Views

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to cook at home more, or to start meal prepping your food for the week? We’ve got you covered. With these easy and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and, yes, some dessert options, too—you’ll have so many delicious food ideas for the year ahead.

Here are 50 healthy new recipes you can try out in 2020. We promise, there’s something for everyone on this list. Eating healthier starts at home, and these recipes prove you can make many of your favorite foods have a healthier twist (think: pancakes, pasta, brownies, and more!). And for more ways to stay healthy in the new year, make sure to avoid the 100 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet.


Start the day off right with these healthy morning meal recipes.

1. Customizable Oatmeal

With almonds, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, chia seeds, and flaxseed, this recipe mimics the consistency of oatmeal without actually using oats. And thanks to cinnamon, raisins, and whatever fresh fruit you decide to top it with, it can be customized to your liking. This oatmeal recipe is totally paleo diet-friendly, too, but it’s also delicious if you’re not on the diet. Need more breakfast ideas? Don’t miss these 50 Healthy Overnight Oats Recipes for Weight Loss.

2. Plant-Based Pancakes with Cashew Butter

Trying to add more plant-based foods to your diet this year? These pancakes are packed with protein to keep you feeling full without the carb crash. Top them with cashew butter and fresh fruit for a hearty meal, and you won’t even miss the bacon and sausage. And as you’re making your flapjacks, make sure you’re aware of these 13 Common Pancake Mistakes and How to Fix Them.

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