August 5, 2022
  • August 5, 2022

5 Expert Recommended Superfoods To Look Out For In The Year 2020

By on July 17, 2020 0 205 Views

Most superfoods that will trend in the year 2020 have been around forever. It’s only that their nutritional value has begun to be appreciated now.

To diet or not to diet – that is the question. As the year begins and our minds begin to wander away from our New Year Resolutions, we look for easy and healthy alternatives that we can sustain rather than fad diets which we can barely attempt to. In the quest for such options we started to explore the superfoods of 2020, or the foods which are nutritionally rich and work miracles for the body. Though there is no specific qualifying criteria about what constitutes a superfood; the main reason why superfoods are recommended is that their health benefits exceed beyond just one or two.

What exactly is a superfood? Dr. Anju Sood, a Bangalore-based nutritionist, says, “Superfoods provide us a nutrient which is generally lacking in your diet – they could be rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, contain omega 3 fatty acids and helpful in burning fat. They are basically foods that are catering to ex-metabolic syndrome problems such as lifestyle problems.”

As we spoke to nutritionists and other experts, it turned out that most of the superfoods that we can expect to trend in the year 2020 have been around forever. It’s only recently that their nutritional value has begun to be appreciated. Consultant Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Datta, believes that the trend had begun last year and will continue well into 2020. “The importance is of going local and returning to regional foods and cuisines. It is all about rediscovering your roots this year. For example, instead of broccoli, why not have the simple cauliflower?” advises Dr. Datta.