June 16, 2021
  • June 16, 2021

20 Ways Christmas Was Better in the ’90s

By on December 22, 2019 0 101 Views

Things seemed simpler in the ’90s, and Christmas was no exception. Back then, festive film favorites were still fresh, boy bands were putting out Christmas classics, and stressful “shopping holidays” like Cyber Monday didn’t even exist. Yes, the ’90s really gave us some of the best Christmas traditions and memories of all time—and for that, we will always be thankful. Here are the things that made Christmas in the ’90s the best. And if you want to gift someone a little bit of nostalgia this year, check out these 30 Gifts That Prove the 1990s Were the Best.

1. Picking up holiday movies at Blockbuster

Salida, California, United States – April 22, 2010: Racks of long-forgotten and weather beaten, sun-bleached VHS tapes as seen through the window of an abandoned video rental store.

With streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, kids nowadays will never understand the novelty of heading to the video rental store to pick out which Christmas movies to watch. In order to have a holiday movie marathon in the ’90s, you’d have to pester your parents to drive you to the nearest Blockbuster, figure out which DVDs (or VHS tapes!) were still available, and physically rent them for your viewing pleasure. But that extra effort made it all the more satisfying when you finally got to relax with your copy of Jack Frost.

2. And renting National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

On Dec. 1, 1989, the world was introduced to one of the greatest Christmas comedies of all time: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It has everything you could ever want from a Christmas flick—a John Hughes screenplay, performances from icons of the era like Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid, and slapstick comedy galore. We can still watch this classic Christmas film, but nothing compares to those first few years in the ’90s when the jokes were fresh. And for more ’90s nostalgia, don’t miss these 50 Things Only People Who Lived in the 1990s Will Remember.

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